Service Proposition

At AG Strategy & Partners we provide consulting services clustered around 2 major practices relevant for the Financial Services industry:

Management Strategy includes all the major areas normally included in the strategy development, business development and transformation activity of a financial institution, usually managed at Group, Division or Business Unit level.

Corporate Advisory includes all the major areas related to corporate development, corporate finance (of the financial institution itself), credit risk and venture investment (FinTech), usually managed at Group level.

We love to embrace complex problem solving, deep diving to arrive to the ultimate drivers of the issues at hand, because only from there we can develop, alternative innovative solutions.

Over more than 16 years we have delivered best-in-class solutions to a wide array of strategic problems across the spectrum of:

Retail, Commercial, Corporate and Investment Banking, for…

Multinational and Local financial services institutions, across…

North America, Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia.