• THE Trusted Advisor to the Decision Maker
  • THE Trusted Advisor to the Decision Maker



AG Strategy & Partners is a boutique Strategy consulting firm focused on the Financial Services industry, that brings Applied Thought Leadership and Specialist Partnership, together with other 6 firms, to provide best-in-class tailored Execution solutions for our clients.


  • Applied Thought Leadership: we lever management frameworks that we have developed over years of experience and that have been or are being applied successfully in financial institutions, and we adapt & transform them to the new reality.


  • Specialist Partnership: we believe in the value from both accumulated experience in a functional expertise and cross-functional problem-solving collaboration, so in our projects we create agile teams with the expertise required by the problem at hand.


Why? Post-2008, society demands for the Financial Service industry to change at a fundamental level, … we want to contribute to your success in transformation.




Strategy & Execution


Strategy… is a concept quite cherished, probably even overused, in the business executive world at all levels, and paradoxically (or maybe as a consequence) is one of the worst defined and most confused across business practitioners. Many, as a result, end up (wrongly) dismissing it, even portraying it as the opposite to Execution.


At AG Strategy & Partners we think both are intrinsically united: Strategy is “those key first 5 thinking minutes in the exam”, Execution is the rest, so everything!